Pagodas and amphibious action available in Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (FTSOC) update “PAGODA NEXUS”, live on Steam now. Recap below with two fresh YouTube videos at the bottom.

As spring unfolds at last in all its glory, we’re happy to bring you a new FTSOC update that we’ve aptly dubbed “PAGODA NEXUS” to reflect the inclusion of pagodas, those mythical stone temples of Burma (of the Tibetan kind, I should add, for those of you with an interest in architectural history).

Pagodas attract lightning strikes because of their height, and many have a decorated metal finial at the top of the structure, referred to as a “demon-arrester” to catch lightning, in the heaviest of monsoons.

Here’s what you can expect will kick in after you rack up this little update:

  • Added pagoda structures, pillars and towers and temples and buildings, in campaign missions and on maps where historically appropriate. Check out the landmark Schwedagon Pagoda in the Rangoon map (Free Flight, Dogfight or Campaign Mission “RAID ON RANGOON” — the choice is yours!).
  • Updated specs for many aircraft, work in progress. We appreciate the forum feedback, keep it coming! Tuning the firepower and accuracy of the Hurricane Mk. IIB and the Spitfire Mk. V is a priority (both in single player and in multiplayer).
  • New aircraft: Japanese J2M RAIDEN “THUNDERBOLT fighter added, try it out over Rangoon in the middle of the night, the Schwedagon Pagoda can look quite impressive, if approached from the right angle.
  • New aircraft: American SC-1 “SEAHAWK” finally added to the Paradise Island DLC (available in the Deluxe version too). In multiplayer, all players can fly against the Rufe and Seahawk and on Phi Phi Island, provided the host has the DLC installed or purchased the Deluxe version.
  • Improved vehicles: New tanks, trucks (type 94 6-wheeled), army cars (type 95), searchlight vehicles, ambulances, and Type 98 AA units that are manned by soldiers (hear the enemy scream in agony as you unleash .50 cal fire upon them!).
  • Minor addition: The RAF barrage ballons in the Kindergarten missions are now roped to the ground in an effort to make the scenery look a little more realistic.
  • We’ve made a lot of smaller GUI enhancements, too numerous to fit in a bulletpoint, but for example, the (currently active) difficulty level is now color-coded in the main menu and in-game pause screen, and the radar display has been enlarged to clarify ground units (jeeps, tanks, army cars, trains).

Weeks from now, when you’ve become used the mild breeze and the greened world, flying coatless and care-free, we will make sure the storms of tropical summer monsoon strikes again.

Until then, gird your loins,

Ace Maddox


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