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Today’s Steam update adds improved dogfight AI and two new fighters, the Allied P-43A-1 “Lancer” (with Chinese ROCAF and USAAF skins) and, perhaps unexpectedly, a Japanese Messerschmitt! (Germany supplied Japan with a number of evaluation Bf 109Es for comparison trials by the Japanese Army Air Force — the Allies, expecting to encounter those Bf 109Es in combat, assigned code name “Mike” to the Messerschmitts). READ MORE →


Pagodas and amphibious action available in Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (FTSOC) update “PAGODA NEXUS”, live on Steam now. Recap below with two fresh YouTube videos at the bottom.

As spring unfolds at last in all its glory, we’re happy to bring you a new FTSOC update that we’ve aptly dubbed “PAGODA NEXUS” to reflect the inclusion of pagodas, those mythical stone temples of Burma (of the Tibetan kind, I should add, for those of you with an interest in architectural history).

Pagodas attract lightning strikes because of their height, and many have a decorated metal finial at the top of the structure, referred to as a “demon-arrester” to catch lightning, in the heaviest of monsoons.

Here’s what you can expect will kick in after you rack up this little update: READ MORE →

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We’re happy to announce that FTSOC’s control-system has been overhauled and upgraded: meet the ICARUS patch! Many new options, including “simulation-style” PITCH, ROLL, and YAW controls have been implemented. In addition, we’ve added a few more features such as horizontal and vertical “auto-stabilization” to further improve the original ARCADE flying style. A free-roaming “Panoramic Camera” feature has also been implemented, so if you play with mouse you can simply hold MMB to look around (and if you’re playing on KEYBOARD, just move the mouse to activate the Panoramic Camera). READ MORE →


Today’s Steam content update deserves a special mention on the Ace Maddox blog.

We’re proud to introduce another action-packed campaign mission, TIGERS IN THE GORGE, based on the events that took place in China during the Battle of the Salween River in May 1942. Of course, that’s not all, since we’ve also added more skins for the Japanese A6M2 “Zero” and Ki-27 “Nate” fighters, including a fictional Luftwaffe paint-job as well as one camouflage from the Thailand Air Force (Thailand was sort of occupied by Japan at the time, JFYI). READ MORE →

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